Terms of Service

I understand and agree that all diapering products (pre-folds, doublers, diaper covers, laundry transport bags, etc.) that I received from Over the Moon Diaper Service are rented and do not belong to me. I agree to return all the diaper supplies that I receive from them after use and at the conclusion of using their service. I understand that keeping, selling, or giving away any diapering products of theirs is theft and that I will be personally responsible and legally liable for financially reimbursing Over the Moon diaper Service for the missing items as well as any additional fees they decide upon. This does not apply to retail products that are available for purchase.

I agree that I will not accumulate an excess of diapers. In the event that I have over 10 pre-folds or more than 1 diaper cover at the end of a week of service, I will adjust my weekly order accordingly. 

I understand that some diaper rash creams/ointments,etc can decrease the absorb-ability of cloth diapers. I agree to not use any diaper rash paste/cream unless it is marked 'Cloth Diaper Safe'. If I do have to use a regular ointment/paste/cream then I will use a liner on top of the diaper to protect it. 

I agree when my child gets older to shake off solids into the toilet before putting the prefold in the diaper pail. 

I understand that Over the Moon Diaper Service. has the right to discontinue items and adjust prices and otherwise make changes to the subscription terms and subscription items as they see fit. 

I agree to receive text message alerts and reminders from Over the Moon Diaper Service.

🚚Deliveries are on Tuesdays, and include a set of clean prefolds and a clean diaper pail liner. Please have your dirties in the pail liner out by 8am.

🏡No need to be home during deliveries. We will leave your bag by your door and we never knock -because, sleeping babies!

🏝if you will be out of town and won’t need a pick up or fresh diapers for the week. Please let us know at least two weeks in advance and you won’t be charged for that week.


📝For your convenience, our service is billed and payable in advance every four weeks. Your billing cycle begins the first day you begin using the diapers. The day our driver comes to pick up your diapers, is the end of your first week.

💳The weekly fee covers rental of product, cleaning, and delivery.

💌Think of the diaper service as a subscription or monthly gym membership.

You can cancel your subscription anytime.

Please note that there are no refunds for remaining weeks not used if you cancel in the middle of a billing cycle.