Over the Moon Diaper Service

Monthly Diaper Service Subscription

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Imagine saving our landfills from 3000 diapers per year and not having the extra loads of laundry for choosing cloth. That's what we call a parenting win!!

Cloth Diapering is easier than ever with a monthly subscription! We will leave clean, fresh, diapers at your door each week and take your bag of dirty diapers for cleaning. Easy on Mom and the environment! 

Choose the size, material and quantity. 


Newborn (4-12 lbs)

Infant (12-18 lbs)

Regular (12-25 lbs)

Toddler (25+ lbs)

Material: Premium 100% Cotton or Organic 100% Cotton

Quantity per week: the number of prefolds you'll use each week. Recommended quantity per week based on age: 

Newborn: 70-80 diapers 

6-12 months: 55-60 diapers

12-24 months: 45-50 diapers

Potty Learning: 20-25 diapers


Premium 100% Cotton Prefolds ~Premium, soft, cotton

up to 50 $22.00/wk
50+ $24.00/wk

Organic 100% Cotton ~Ultra soft, organic cotton

up to 50 $24.00/wk

50+ $26.00/wk

Deliveries are on Tuesdays. When you sign up diapers will be delivered on Tuesday following whichever day you sign up. If you haven't delivered your baby yet, email us with your order so we can drop diapers off 2 weeks before your due date and I will manually invoice you once baby here (that way you aren't paying for the weeks that you're waiting for baby to arrive.)

For your convenience, our service is billed and payable in advance with a reoccurring charge every 4 weeks. This is your monthly total for the weekly service. You are free to cancel your subscription anytime. 

**If you don't want to sign up for auto billing and would prefer me to manually send you a square invoice at the beginning of each month, just send an email to hello@overthemoondiaperservices.com to get started!